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Worried about your elderly loved one living home alone?

Sentai is a smart companion that uses sensors, a handy clicker and voice activation to aid independent living ⁠— giving you peace of mind.

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"Exactly what we needed"

Jack, Son and Carer for John

"A huge relief"

Sarah, Daughter and Carer for June

"A weight lifted"

Debbie, Carer for Graeme

If you’re a concerned daughter, son or carer, Sentai is for you

Sentai easily integrates with Amazon Alexa Speakers to help with things like medication and task reminders for them, and notifying you when they’re up in the morning, or need help.

A handy app for you, and a smart home helper for them.

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Set reminders from the app

Feel good that they can go about their daily lives with reminders for appointments, taking out the bins or even drinking water.

Get regular updates

Understand whether they’ve responded to prompts for taking medication.

Help Notifications

Dispel doubt, Sentai understands the nature of their problem first, then notifies you on the app.

Non Intrusive sensors

Eliminate worry, Sentai’s sensors alert you when they’re up and about and can even coordinate routines, like bedtime or drinking a water when entering the kitchen.

How it works

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